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Cannot seem to create transition actions

Oct 6, 2010 at 1:11 PM

I am using this statemachine with code only and not using the boo dsl

I want to assosiate actions with transitions like you can in the uml and not just call backs for state entry/exit.

However, when I create a transition action thus:

            object[] o;
            o = new object[1];
            o[0] = "PosSetSensor";

 m.AddNewTransitionAction("test", StateTransitionPhase.All, o); // where m is my state machine

 when I create a sm context from m and start it, I find it attempts to execute an action, but finds that "test" is not present in _availableTasks in the tasks factory, the only task available appears to have a name more like a task type.  it is something like "invoke method".

Is there any documentation that will help me map the creation many common uml elements such as a transition action, to the appropriate object constructions and method calls because I am not finding the method names intuitive.

I really appreciate any help or advice you are able to give.